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Easy Dyslexia Aid is a wonderful application and a welcome addition to the assistive technology market for dyslexia.

“Probably the best function of Easy Dyslexia Aid, is its ability to do what it is meant to do straight away. The absence of unnecessary ‘options’ pages ensures that learners with specific difficulties can quickly start using the app. Dyslexia is primarily associated with trouble reading. But it can also affect writing, spelling and even speaking. Dysgraphia mostly shows up as writing difficulties. Kids with dysgraphia may struggle with handwriting, organising their thoughts on paper or with both of these activities. Easy Dyslexia Aid can support with both these conditions and serves as an extremely useful companion both inside and outside the classroom.

Upon opening the application you are presented with a clear blue user-friendly interface. The instruction ‘Touch mic & talk’ is displayed above a circular mic symbol that is inviting to touch. On touching the symbol, you are asked to ‘Talk.’ By pressing done the app will process what has been said and proceed to produce your input. The word or short phrase you have spoken is displayed in the developer’s own ‘Open Dyslexia Font’. This font has been created with letters using heavy weighted bottoms to indicate direction and to reinforce the line of text, which aids in recognising the correct letter, and sometimes helps to keep the brain from rotating them around. The Open Dyslexic Font is displayed in a choice of 8 background colour combinations, as a means to accommodate users suffering from Dyslexia and improve readability. This feature can be changed in the settings which are also easily navigated to from the main screen. Additionally, within the settings, you can choose to turn off speech output is you wish, display upper and lower case letters and change between 18 different languages.

The voice synthesis technology used is of a high standard; audio output is clear and the voice recognition software is second to none when compared with many applications of a similar nature.

For many children with dyslexia or dysgraphia, asking for help with spelling can be a frustrating experience, especially in the classroom. This app can help to increase independence in the classroom and allow for uninterrupted thinking. Easy Dyslexia Aid is a simple and intuitive app, which is exactly what it needs to be. This app is a must for all classrooms that have children with dyslexia or dysgraphia.” Educational App Store EAS Star Rating: 5

Learning Outcomes:
Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Organisational and Productivity Skills
Life Skills
Thinking & Reasoning

Easy Dyslexia Aid receives 5 stars in the EAS Certification

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Easy Spelling Aid Children’s Education App

“We are suitably impressed with this application because Easy Spelling Aid is actually much more than a spelling and reading helper – as if that was not already enough! It is a very special go-to literacy and learning tool that defeats dyslexia and dysgraphia through the use of colour backgrounds and special fonts. Also, beyond giving kids instant help to spell problematic words, it is a friend to children at the primary level from all backgrounds because it boasts superior, accurate and incredibly fine-tuned speech recognition in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Japanese and more.

Through this educational compelling app, young students everywhere are starting to enjoy the benefits of self-directed learning by not having to wait for help from parents or teachers, which is a big plus. It even helps kids learn about homophones and to better understand word usage by giving them exercises in comprehension and vocabulary, even going so far as to use context to determine the correct spelling of a word; for example, “they’re playing over there, in front of their house” or “two friends had too much to eat” Extraordinary stuff!

What makes Easy Spelling Aid unique is that it breaks away from simply teaching a list of spelling words. Instead, it acts as a tool when a child is faced with a word they do not know how to spell. Improving literacy performance and working to help children learn to spell is a significant part of the app’s design, value and purpose – which sets it apart from anything we have seen. As a real mind boggler, we tested the app to its limits, by speaking the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ into the app with an east coast Canadian accent and believe it or not, it replied instantly, spelling the word correctly.

Overall, we found the app really easy to use. Simply press the microphone button, speak the word or phrase and receive the correct spelling, displayed in one of the Australian, New Zealand, US or UK primary school writing styles. We believe without hesitation that Easy Spelling Aid is a real game changer and well worth downloading straight away.”
Education Technology Solutions Issue 70

Common Sense Media
“This paid education app is an excellent way to teach kids independence with spelling, especially if they are apt to frequently ask adults the question, “How do you spell ____?” For those who speak multiple languages or are learning a new language, the translation feature in Easy Spellling Air + Translator & Dyslexia Support is certainly a helpful resource. Also users can display sentences and phrases with specific fonts and on a lined paper background, which is helpful for those learning the writing process. Kids with dyslexia will benefit from the option to see content that’s in a font and background color that might make academic work easier to complete instead of using traditional pencil and paper…”
App review by Keri Wilmot, Common Sense Media

Academics’ Choice Award™ Winner
Smart Media Award - 2015

“I love that Easy Spelling Aid is easy to use, and allows students to work independently. The product gets kids excited about spelling, and provides a quick and easy solution for a prevalent problem. This app can lessen frustration, allowing kids to focus on content, knowing they will easily be able to check any unknown words. I love the ability to switch between print and cursive, and the option to have the words displayed on lines. This app is a perfect complement to any homeschooling curriculum.”

“The app makes spelling super fast and easy, and is especially helpful for children who are in special needs education. I can see this app being useful for students practicing their spelling words.”

“The Easy Spelling Aid app is so easy to use! With its high tech voice recognition software your child will be able to improve their vocabulary quickly. I like that the app offers several writing styles and background choices, which can be helpful for children with dyslexia. I appreciate that Easy Spelling Aid does not spell inappropriate words, so it really is child safe.”

Academics Choice Newsletter

“The Easy Spelling Aid app by Nuapp Productions is the perfect tool to help children learn how to spell and write any word at home and at school. This app can spell words or phrases instantly by utilising superior speech recognition, finely tuned to pick up on your child’s voice or accent. Easy Spelling Aid supports…

Easy Spelling Aid App Review
by Christopher Jarman

Children today look for help almost instinctively to their iPads, tablets or smart phones. This new Easy Spelling App from Australian developer, Nuapp Productions, is designed for both the iPhone and iPad, and is simple to use, while being extremely sophisticated in what it offers.

Pupils merely touch a large picture of a microphone and say the word or short phrase he or she needs to spell. They then press the word ‘Done’ and the word comes on the screen correctly spelt in the hand writing style of their, or their teacher’s choice in both capital letters and lower case. The style can be set in advance and will stay that way until changed.

The handwriting choices are, Two UK styles are Jarman and UK Cursive, and two Australian styles, Victoria modern cursive, and New South Wales foundation manuscript. Then USA D’nealian manuscript. The international appeal of this app is exceptional as it supports 19 languages, including UK, American and Australian accents. My friends and family who are multilingual have tested French, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Japanese, and found that the speech recognition and the written spelt results are amazingly accurate. All this for the download price of £2.29 UK!

This is an unusual piece of software that really does what it claims. Even the most Luddite IT-hating teacher would have to admit the usefulness of this little teaching aid. Once downloaded, no further purchases are required. Updates will arrive automatically.

The app has been designed mainly for children between the ages of 6 to 12, but anyone of any age who feels shaky about their spelling would love this. The GB App Store web page is: GB App Store

Author Christopher Jarman has written over 25 books on Educational subjects and nine novels… We thank you kindly Christopher for your review. Books by Christopher Jarman

Amazing ratings and reviews from trusted Education App websites

Great Spelling App for Kids – Chasing Supermom Vancouver

“Easy Spelling Aid allows them to immediately discover the correct spelling for words and even phrases! No searching. No frustration. No guessing.”

“What I love about Easy Spelling Aid is that it easily complements our homeschooling curriculum, and allows my children to self-check their work…This is a kid-friendly and classroom-friendly app that every teacher and homeschooling parent needs to be aware of. The first time my kids used the app, they couldn’t have been more delighted. As soon as my son got his first result he said, “That’s SO cool. I want to do it again!” Spelling made FUN! Does it get any better?”

Easy Spelling Aid is our newest 5 star app! What a powerful learning tool! – Smart Apps for Kids

“I loved how quickly and easily we were able to get started using Easy Spelling Aid. There are clear instructions available, but we didn’t really need them.”

“I love the sense of independence that my daughter gets from being able to find the spelling of words on her own.”

My Boys and Their Toys

“Have you or your child ever had trouble spelling a word? Thanks to the new app Easy Spelling Aid, that’s a thing of the past! The app makes spelling super fast and easy, and is especially helpful for children who are in special needs education. Using the app is simple, just press the large mic button, say the word that you are having trouble spelling, and it appears on the screen in an instant.”

Educational App Store

“This app is very simple in its idea yet accomplishes it in a very clear, concise and easy manner. The premise behind the app is to provide children and adults with an app that can spell out the words and phrases that they speak into it via the devices microphone. It is as simple as that. Although, behind the simplicity there is a lot more going on…”

Our Rating 4 Stars

The iMums

“What we love…Quick and easy way to find a word spelling, supports a variety of languages including regional English options, has a choice of fonts, dyslexia- friendly options and the ability to hear the text spoken back…I would recommend this as a great tool for children from 2nd grade up to help them quickly and easily find how a word is spelled.”

Our Rating 4.5 Stars


“This app could be useful for students in mainstream classes, to assist them with spelling words if a teacher is working with another student: it could help to minimise delays in reaching students whose needs are purely to spell an unknown word. This app could assist the students to become independent writers…This app could also be useful in the home for primary school children who need spelling assistance with homework, but parents are busy with household chores and not necessarily available to help. Children at home could easily become independent writers through the use of this app.”

Our Rating 4.5 Stars

Fun Educational Apps

“Easy Spelling Aid is a nice little app for helping children, and adults, spell words as they write. Easy to use, with a single purpose, this app makes a nice aid for early writers. Easy Spelling Aid by Nuapp Productions is an app that spells words for users. Simply tap the microphone and state the word you wish spelled, and the app puts the word on screen in both capital letters and lowercase letters. With a variety of different setting options, this app is a great tool for the elementary classroom… Easy Spelling Aid is a simple app, yet one that teachers and parents of early writers will find useful. In today’s digital age, this is definitely a 21st-century tool for students.”

Press Release

Easy Spelling Aid Press Release

Easy Spelling Aid Earns 2015 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award for Mind-Building Excellence

November 2015 – Nuapp Productions P/L is pleased to announce that Easy Spelling Aid has been honored with a 2015 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award, a prestigious seal of educational quality, reserved only for the best mind-building media and toys. The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, and provide potential for the student to fully develop higher order thinking skills.

Easy Spelling Aid is a winner of the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award in the mobile app, category. The Academics’ Choice Advisory Board consists of leading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other reputable educational institutions. Product-appropriate volunteer reviewers, combined with the brainpower of the Board, determine the coveted winners. Entries are judged by category (i.e. mobile app, toy, book, website, magazine, etc.), subject area, and grade level, and evaluated based on standardized criteria rooted in constructivist learning theory. The full list of winners is posted online at www.AcademicsChoice.com.

The hundreds of submitted products that are not chosen by the Academics’ Choice Awards team (and many that are chosen) are donated to a variety of worthy charities and other organizations across the globe.

Easy Spelling Aid – A Spelling App With A Difference

July 13th 2015 – Easy Spelling Aid is the perfect tool to help children learn the how to spell and write words at home and school.

Created by the Australian firm Nuapp Productions, the Easy Spelling Aid app doesn’t just teach users a long list of words, it instead acts a tool to help children with a specific word they don’t know how to spell.

A child’s creative process of writing can be abruptly halted when they stumble across a word they can’t spell. Aimed at children aged 6 to 12, the Easy Spelling Aid app is designed to easily and quickly provide a spelling for a word without having to wait for a parent, teacher or assistant to help them.

With an easy-to-use interface and seamless user experience, Easy Spelling Aid works by displaying a large microphone icon that a child must touch before speaking a word or phrase they have been struggling with. The app searches its vast database and presents the word or phrase in both upper and lower case, enabling the child to correctly spell the word and continue with their work.

As the app has been fine-tuned to pick up children’s voices, Easy Spelling Aid not only helps children with written words, but also helps exercise their comprehension and vocabulary. What’s more, with a number of different writing styles – including the Australian Primary School fonts – a child can improve their handwriting whilst learning how to spell new and difficult words.

Perfect in a home setting, Easy Spelling Aid can effortlessly help primary school children who need assistance with homework when their parents are unavailable or unable to help. And, because of the huge glossary of words, parents can even learn along with their children.

Easy Spelling Aid is available on iTunes for a one-off fee of $3.79 AUD and is compatible with all devices running iOS 7 and above.

Download the Easy Spelling Aid today and help a child throughout their school years and beyond.


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An interesting feature of the iPhone is to ask Siri to open Easy Spelling or Dyslexia Aid and she opens the app. No need to search for the app amongst all your other apps, simply ask…

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