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Easy Spelling Aid and Easy Dyslexia Aid in the classroom

Students to become independent writers…

“Easy Spelling Aid is useful for students in mainstream classes, to assist them with spelling words, if a teacher is working with another student and it could help to minimise delays in reaching students, whose needs are purely to spell an unknown word. This app could assist the students to become independent writers.”

Classroom exercises and activities include:
A teacher provides a task for the students to write a creative story or write about their weekend or what they’ve learnt from the story that was just read to them. The teacher than views the writing and underlines the incorrectly spelt words. Instead of assisting each student with addressing each incorrect word and sounding it out to them. The teacher provides each student with an iPad with the Easy Spelling Aid or Easy Dyslexia Aid app. The student then finds the incorrect word, repeats it into the app and views the results displayed in their primary school writing style. This helps the student with correctly spelling the word, listening to the pronunciation and then writing it correctly on their paper. Easy Spelling Aid and Easy Dyslexia Aid therefore assists the student with spelling words independently, whilst freeing up the teachers time.

The Easy Spelling Aid and Easy Dyslexia Aid app is ideal in group activities when students are learning new words and the iPad is shared amongst the group. Each student has a turn sounding a new word and sharing the spelling results and pronunciation of that word with the group. Each word is then written down 3 times and repeated by all the students before passing it onto the next student to continue with a new word. Depending on the amount of students in the group (5 or 10), this activity greats a team dynamic, encouraging students to work and feel confident in themselves and as a team.

A great learning tool for students assisting in the learning of homophones by using context to determine the correct spelling of a word. For example, “They’re playing over there, in front of their house” or “Two friends had too much to eat”.

Easy Spelling Aid for Older Students and Adults

ESA supports multiple languages.

Easy Spelling Aid boasts a number of benefits for older students and adults. Our app supports multiple languages, rendering it the perfect companion for second language students of all ages and their teachers.

A copy/define/share function for spelling results. Copy and paste you spoken word or phrase directly into another application. Alternatively share will open the activity popup displaying the available apps for immediate pasting. The define function prompts the device dictionary to open, displaying a definition of the highlighted word.

Easy Spelling Aid includes a revolutionary Translator supporting multiple languages and Reverse Translation option. The Reverse Translation option is very handy and quick when communicating in another language. Simply select the Reverse Translation button to reverse the selected languages.

Easy Spelling Aid includes a History Log that automatically saves spelling results, including translations. With the addition of the Easy Spelling Aid Translator and History Log, Easy Spelling Aid is now the perfect learning and travel companion for students of all ages, from 5 to 55 and beyond!

Our partnership with Educational App Store and Samsung UK


We are proud partners with the Educational App Store and Samsung UK; working with them to create an improved learning experience for school pupils. Samsung are at the forefront of tablet technology in the classroom and supporting teachers in creating interactive environments which are conducive to personalised learning. They visit thousands of schools in the UK and work with them to incorporate tablets, interactive whiteboards and more. Through our partnership, the Educational App Store and Samsung UK visit many schools to recommend them the highest quality, curriculum-aligned apps held within the Curriculum Gateway. Easy Spelling Aid has made it into the Curriculum Gateway and a teacher applan has been created, which is a plan for teachers and schools who download the app to have an idea of how it can be used.

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The Easy Spelling Aid app empowers pupils to independently spell word and phrases. Easy Spelling Aid is actually much more than a spelling and reading helper, it is a very special go-to literacy and learning tool that defeats dyslexia and dysgraphia through the use of coloured overlays and special fonts. Also, beyond giving pupils instant help to spelling problematic words, it is a friend to children at the primary level from all backgrounds because it boasts superior and accurate fine-tuned speech recognition in multiple languages.

Through this educationally compelling app, young pupils everywhere are starting to enjoy the benefits of self-directed learning by not having to wait for help from teachers or parents, which is a big plus. Easy Spelling Aid has the potential to be a powerful learning and teaching tool in the classroom.

Easy Spelling Aid Education News

Department of Education


Easy Spelling Aid has been added to the reviewed apps on the Early Childhood and School Education Group DET, iPads for learning website: iPads for Education and the eduSTAR catalogue, for Victorian schools.

The Northern Territory Department of Education have stated that “Easy Spelling Aid” will be placed on the Northern Territory Department of Education parent recommended application list, and a link will be provided to the “Easy Spelling Aid” website included in their internal portal for teachers and schools to access the resource and use the application.

The Western Australian Department of Education stated, understanding how to spell correctly, is integral to students developing the literacy skills they need to be successful. Consultants from their Department have looked at “Easy Spelling Aid”, and they stated they consider it to be an innovative, simple to use, a 21st century learning tool with obvious benefits to students. Choice of font, sensitivity to voice, range of vocabulary and speed of response are strengths.

The Tasmanian Department of Education has congratulated our company on the development of the app. “It has good reviews, not least of all on the Victorian DEECD’s iPads for Learning web page. Resources such as this can be a useful part of the repertoire available to our students in a world where students are engaging increasingly with digital resources…Improving the literacy performance of all Tasmanians is one of the Department of Education’s highest priorities and working to help children learn how to spell is a significant part of that.”

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Leading a Digital School Conference

We exhibited Easy Spelling Aid at IWBNet’s Leading a Digital School Conference which was held at the Crown Conference Centre in August 2015. There were between 300 – 350 delegates all interested to learn more about the use of educational digital technology in their schools. The conference name signifies the exciting work being undertaken by school leaders and influential passionate classroom teachers who are leading their schools and classrooms in a disruptive digital world supported by educational digital technology.

EduTECH 2015 Expo

We had a great time exhibiting at EduTECH®. Our app impressed all the visitors, delegates, leaders & exhibitors. Your valued feedback & response was overwhelming. We thank you!!! EduTECH® is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest education congress and ed tech expo. It attracts over 8,000 attendees and showcases 250 exhibits. EduTECH® is the only event that brings together the entire education and training sector (primary, secondary, tertiary, higher education and workplace learning) plus libraries, plus government, plus suppliers…from every state in Australia, plus New Zealand, Asia and internationally….. all under one roof.

Our entry in the NSIP Interoperability Challenge was successful. The NSIP Interoperability Challenge at EduTECH is an opportunity to showcase the best and most exciting developments in education technology. We demonstrated the Easy Spelling Aid app to the CIOs of every state, territory and sector and received a great response and high level of interest. Thank for selecting or entry.

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“As an education support staff, I introduced this app to my students with learning disabilities. The app is extremely easy to use and it has worked wonders in that my students are able to express their thoughts into writing with confidence. The handwriting option prompts them to write neatly as they transfer their ideas into their writing books.”

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