The team at Nuapp holds dear a set of core values, which guide its efforts.

Nuapp Productions Pty Ltd - App Design and Development company
Nuapp Productions Pty Ltd - App Design and Development company

Based out of St Kilda Australia, Nuapp Productions boasts a robust and highly scalable infrastructure. Nuapp Productions thrives on innovation, and believes in shaping the industry with its cutting edge solutions. To back this up, we invest heavily in our R&D capabilities, and are continually devising ways to better our solutions and ourselves. Our processes and methods do not constrain us. On the other hand, they have been built over the years in such a way, that they allow us to think outside the box even for conventional problems.

Nuapp engages an experienced team of highly trained professionals who bring expertise across leading technology domains. A prudent mix of young professionals and industry veterans. The people at Nuapp share a sense of enthusiasm and commitment towards the customer. We are highly process oriented; yet willing to rise above roles to meet an organisational objective. Nuapp Productions is promoted by a group of select technocrats, each of them an authority in their respective fields and driven towards a common objective of making Nuapp the preferred app service provider.

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